Monday, July 13, 2009

The simple life

One would think that living in the woods of Maine, there would not be a whole lot to do and we would spend every night in front of the tube. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, we do not watch TV other than the occasional DVD or Discovery show online. When we moved into our house over a year ago, the choice of not having cable TV was the first one made. This equals more quality family time and more time for our crafts, although it seems lately there is not enough time for that either. Funny, I used to be a globetrotting big city girl who couldn't get enough of the clubs and concerts but although I had fun back then, I wouldn't trade this for the world.
The kids are growing and developing so much it is hard to keep up. My little boy Leif went from alternating crawling and walking to running and throwing himself at the end goal, especially if it involves food. My daughter Cecilia is growing more beautiful by the day and I see heaven when I look into her eyes. She is bi-lingual and translates for her daddy whenever he cannot understand what she says in Swedish. She is only 3 years old an I don't want her to ever grow older...
The love of my life, Nathan, is working way more than anyone should have to for me to stay home with the kids but he still manages to make some beautiful pieces on the lathe and work on the house. Cecilia loves to hang out with her pappa in his shop and play with 3" "boards" while he turns pens.
Our garden is still pretty much weed free, thanks to erosion control mulch (way cheeper than the normal stuff) and the tomatos, lettuce and squash are doing fantastic considering all the rain and lack of sun rays we have had in the past few months. I made some tomato cages out of branches the other day by bending the shorter branches into loops. I am loving the organic look and if I were a tomato plant I would much prefer wood to aluminum.
So here is the week in photos. From the top: Leif and Bullseye, Cecilia and the vegetable garden, Nate's latest bowl available in his shop and my latest carnelian earrings.


  1. OMGosh, your children are beautiful...sounds like you're all livin' the life up in Maine. It looks heavenly.

  2. I bounced to your blog and I love it! This so resonates with me (very different city, one child growing so fast - not two) but city girl turned slow-paced, no cable, small town, slowed down? Yes! Isn't it lovely?

  3. thank you so much for following me on twitter...i love your blog...your lil' ones are precious and i heart your lifestyle...the simple life is lovely, hard-work but filled with intense quality family love...loved your last twit update...esp 'tickle kids' that! xo jo;)

  4. Your children are adorable and it sounds like heaven to live there...and your dog is such a ham! That bowl is beautiful! As always your earrings are wonderful!

  5. Hi - just stumbled on your blog. I adore Maine, and in fact all of New England, and it's a very long story how we ended up living in the wild southwest. We were in the Pacific ocean recently, and it is not the same as the Atlantic, I miss the Jersey shore! Your children are precious. (mine are now teens...)

  6. Oh my, your kids are darling!