Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ramblings and a sweet deal

It's been a very busy month. Not only in terms of making jewelry but my mom made the jump over the big Atlantic puddle to visit us for three weeks. She left Monday morning to go back to life in Sweden, teaching Swedish to refugees. My hubby and I have been back broken for the entire three weeks sleeping on an air mattress. Those things simply aren't that comfortable but having my face next to our snoring dog all night was a wonderful treat. Actually, I didn't mind that part at all. Any time at all around my adorable Boxer is time well spent.

I have made a lot of new jewelry that will be posted in my etsy shop in the coming week. Here are a few I would love to share with you. I have many more key necklaces that will soon be in my shop too.
So you're probably wondering "what's the sweet deal?". Well, here it is. You my dear blog readers will receive a 15% refund on all purchases through the month of August. All you have to do is type "blog reader" in the message field during checkout and the money will be refunded to your PayPal account the same day. Shipping is always free and your jewelry will arrive ready for gift giving. What are you waiting for?!


  1. do you feel better, with some good sleep ??? :) what a great deal. very cool ida, I will the spread the world about this initiative my friend.

  2. I loved your comment in my blog... thanks for that! It is hard to come back to routine and those comments help ;O)
    It is nice to enjoy the company of one's mum eh! I'm sure you had a great time apat from the matress thing he he heeeeee
    You offer is tempting, tempting!!!

  3. Oh.My. Your jewellery is gorgeous... I love the Night in Paris Earrings, simply gorgeous!