Monday, January 4, 2010

All wrapped up in Lesha's Workshop

While the weather was still warm and winter wear was the last thing on my mind, I came upon this shop on Etsy called Lesha's Workshop. There was an instant longing for winter growing in me and I knew I simply had to have one of her scarves. My husband finally gave into the constant "hinting" (it took me putting it in his favorites in his etsy shop!) and gave me my favorite scarf for my birthday. I don't believe I have left the house this winter without wearing it. Well it turns out the creator of this beautiful shop is one of the most interesting and smile inducing women I have come across in a very long time and I am very lucky to count her among my friends. I hope you will enjoy her goodies as much as I do. My scarf, well one that looks very much like it, is available by clicking the photo of me and my handsome furry friend. Trust me, if you have room for one more scarf or a pair of ultra cool spats, this is the knitting goddess you want to talk to!


  1. What a beauty! And it suits you just fine.. I can imagine it's your fav accessory in this cold.
    Your dog is too cute! :-)

  2. i just discovered your jewelry on etsy. i am having a heart attack i am so in love!! i am ordering the mermaid tears NOW. and thank you for posting the leg warmers above...j'adore!! i am going to post a link to you and lesha's on my blog (i hope you don't mind) i just LOVE! what fantastic finds this morning :)

  3. LOVE the over the boot warmers!