Thursday, June 18, 2009

Danger-giant acorns falling from the sky

My husband had a big surprise for our daughter today that I wanted to share. She was jumping up and down with excitement as he brought her the largest acorn we had ever seen. Okay, so it wasn't a real acorn. My husband is a woodworker and had made this 6" tall acorn on his lathe. It is made out of walnut, oak and jarah and weighs enough that she could cause some serious damage if she dropped it on her toes or her brother's head. It's going on a shelf!
He is in the process of setting up his shop on Etsy right now. In about a week it will be full of pens, wine stoppers, small bowls and other goodies.


  1. this is FABULOUS!!! super super cool...I'll have to show this to some of my nature-buff friends who would find this irresistible!

  2. OMG, that is so cool! What great craftsmanship! I look forward to seeing his shop :)

  3. I love acorns and this one is fabulous! Really wonderful!