Thursday, June 4, 2009

Make your walls sing!

I am an artist but haven't picked up a paint brush for months. It hurts inside to not be able to spread that glorious oil paint but our basement/unfinished studio space is in shambles ever since it was flooded during the spring melt. Most of my paintings and all my sketches from college were ruined. Luckily, most of the paintings I have had listed in my etsy shop were upstairs and are fine. I am hopeful we will be able to create a studio space for me this summer as I have thousands of paintings, mostly of thunder clouds, floating around in my head that need to end up on a canvas.

The walls in our house are filled with paintings and photographs, mostly by myself but also some of my favorite artists and photographers. I cannot stand white walls or walls without personality. Love the feeling of looking up at a piece of art, thinking "wow, I have owned that for a year and never noticed that detail". Thought I'd share some of my favorites, some of which already grace my walls and some I would love to own some days.

1-3 are by the lovely KatHannah. I purchased Cold(1) but my sister is as crazy about her paintings as I am so it ended up as a birthday gift. Need another one. Actually, I need one of each of her prints!
4 Megan Rhodes. Breathtaking panoramic and regular sized photos of lavender fields and vineyards.
5 Cathy Nichols. Oh yeah!
6 Villarrealceramics. Great ceramic wall pillows.
7 Ambera, master of thunder clouds, moths and all things wonderfully dark. I adore her paintings.
8 Aufilde
9 Jane Heller. Not many people are able to shoot equally gorgeous prints of pigs and scantily clad behinds! There are so many fun photos in her shop but this is the one that really captures my attention.
10 Jude McConkey. The one and only! I own five of her prints and they speak to my soul.
11 Lonny
12 VedaArt
13 is by my very talented brother-in-law, Aaron Edwards. We are fortunate to have quite a few of his prints and drawings.


  1. Wow, what incredible work! I love all of these

  2. total gorgeousness- just seeing this post has made my heart sing- wonderful start to the weekend Anna!

  3. wow.. the first three are some of my favorite EVER pieces of art! You have exquisite taste (as one can tell from your jewelry) .. and thank you for including my photo in your list!

  4. I didn't know you paint nor that you had an Etsy shop for your paintings! wow, I'm impressed, you are multi-talented, that is... great!

    From those paintings I love specially the ones by KatHannah, they are awesome!!!

  5. the first 3 are my very fav too ... what a nice blogspot ... love your taste ...

    can't wait for you to have room and time to paint to see those little treasuries to come :)

  6. I enjoyed your blog and all the pleasing artwork you posted!