Monday, May 25, 2009

A day to celebrate

When a very special little girl turns 3, that deserves a special celebration. My daughter has been talking about boats for months now so we decides to take her out in a canoe today and found a wonderful peaceful pond where only canoes were allowed. It wasn't long before we started spotting turtles on logs in the water and the dragonflies were camping out on the side of the canoe. My little Cecilia was in heaven! In one particular area, there were at least 25 turtles working on their tan on top of logs and tree stumps sticking up in the water. What an unexpected sight. Five hours and two major sugar highs later, she is now sleeping with a smile on her face. It's been a good day!


  1. Happy birthday girl!!
    Anna, the look on her face is just priceless.. looks like a good day indeed!!

  2. haapy birthday, joyeux anniversaire CECILIA !!! it seems like a great day ... thnkas for sharing ... you are beautiful girls :)