Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gluttonous maximous...oops it's gluteous maximus!

Okay, it's that time of year when we start looking really closely at our bulges. The ones that are not where they should be. Year after year, something has come up that has been an excuse not to make that extra effort to take the pounds off and so here I am, ready to scream at the thought of fitting into a bikini. Time for some serious action or I will not be hanging out on the beach or wearing a skirt this summer. Every week my hubby and I say " we have got to do something about our health, lets start a new diet and go for walks every day". Two minutes later this is usually followed by "hey you feel like brownies after supper?!"

I love our house but it has no space for a good workout...or so I thought until I realized that our Netflix subscription actually includes exercise videos online. Most of the videos are not exactly what I would call top quality but hey, there's a few kickboxing and pilates ones on there. The computer is set up so that I can angle it for a great view from our relatively large kitchen and I have been sweating it like crazy for the past few nights as the kiddos are falling asleep. Combined with long speed walks with a one year old on my back and a tree year old in a stroller this should do the trick!

Here's the plan to make me stick to it. For every inch I loose off my waist, I am treating myself to one of my favorite items from some really cool Etsy shops and I am featuring them here on my blog too. My first inch reward will be from the awesome shop Xenotees and I am already salivating over this item. Isn't the print just the best?! Hopefully, I will be posting my next reward pretty soon.


  1. what a great motivating and rewarding initiative !!! tht's the best way to achive one's goals I think ... I am totally with you on that ...

    Xenotess has such great items in her shop !!! I agree. I really like the french pet lobster

    btw : your blog looks so cool.

  2. The summer and the waistline... tell me about it! I need to start doing something about it too :O)
    Your motivation technique is a really good idea!!!